Friday, 25 November 2016

Why people choose laravel framework

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks among the web artisans. Laravel is  the latest web app framework with this framework you can make web  development rapid and easy by by enabling general tasks that will be used in the majority of web projects such as queue, sessions, caching and authentication.

Why people choose laravel

It comes with a rich set of features. Using the resource controllers, CRUD process is very simple. The eloquent ORM helps in intracting with the databases. Every model developed in the MVC structure correlates to a table in the database.
Laravel have the expressive and elegant syntax that has been designed to ease and speed up the web development process. It has a vibrant developer community over the internet.

There are many reason behind for choosing the laravel framework because it incorporates established and proven web development patterns, MVC Application structure and Active record powering its database wrapper.It helps a developer to build a maintainable web application with easy to understand code separation in a short time frame.

Modular : Laravel is built on more than 20 different libraries and is itself split up into individual modules. It has adopted modern PHP principles which allow developers to build responsive, modular and user friendly apps.

Libraries : It supports many development environments and adjust itself based on the appropriate platform where app is running.

Template Engine : It is very lightweight templates with which you can create amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding. It has many widgets having JS and CSS code with solid structures.

Quickly : The PHP development companies have adopted Laravel due to its best dynamic capabilities to handle big web development projects.

Open Source : It is an open-source PHP web application framework, that makes easy and free process for building complex and large web applications with code maintainability.

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