Saturday, 1 October 2016

Create Validation using Scenarios in Yii2 Application

In this post i will show you how to create a simple custom validation using scenarios attribute in yii2 application.Yii2 model is designed in very flexible way for dynamic logic based on scenario. A model supports only one scenario and its named default (by default).ex on user registeration we will get username ,email and password. At the time of login we need only username and password. So the same model is using two type of validation here one is based on login and other is registeration so we can handle this using scenarios.

Yii2 Scenarios

Register Scenario - Required - username, password, email
Login Scenario - Required - username, email

Step 1: Create a model class where rules function contain this code of validation rule.

class User extends Model
    public $name;
    public $email;
    public $password;
    public function rules(){
        return [
            [['name', 'email', 'password'], 'required', 'on' => 'register'],
    public function scenarios()
        $scenarios = parent::scenarios();
        $scenarios['login'] = ['name','password'];//Scenario Values Only Accepted
        return $scenarios;

Step 2: After setting the validation rule you can call the scenarios like this.

class UserController extends Controller
    public function  actionLogin(){
        $model = new User;
        $model->scenario = 'login';
    public function  actionRegister(){
        $model = new User(['scenario' => 'register']);

For more example you can read this post in yii2 framework.I hope you like the post and please comment if you need any help related to this post.

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