Sunday, 9 October 2016

Contribute to opensource Hacktoberfest.

Opensouce : It means a software which is available to everyone for inspect, modify and enhance.The software being distributed must be redistributed to anyone else without any restriction.Open source applications are generally freely available although there’s nothing stopping the developer from charging for copies of the software if they allow redistribution of the application and its source code afterwards.

Hacktoberfest 2016

If you are opensource lover than Hacktoberfest is for you. Celebrate open source this October by participating in Hacktoberfest, a month long festival of code organized by DigitalOcean and hosted on GitHub.

How to participate in hacktoberfest : You can choose any project from the list of opensource hosted in GitHub and contribute by sending a pull request.You can just simply solve a bug add new feature or even improve the documentation of the project.Once you made your contribution sharing with other #hacktoberfest (hashtag).you can check out the guide of how to contribute to opensource.

Get your cool t-shirt after making a four pool request to any opensource project.
  • Sign up on the Hacktoberfest website.
  • Four pull request atleast on any github hosted project by 31st October 2015.
  • At the end of this month DigitalOcean will collect your shipping details and mail your shirt.

You can read more information here : DigitalOcean

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