Friday, 26 August 2016

How to serve your domain to your blogger address.

We are using blogger for blogging stuff ideas etc. We can publish our blog on Blogger with blogspot hosting like But i want to host it on my custom domain like You can change it anytime and it won't you cause your any data.

First thing you need to purchase a domain.
There are many companies which offering the domain like , After purchasing a domain you have a your ip address and a name.

Follow these steps.

1. Log in into google blogger account.

2. Click on the left menu setting tab and click on basic tab.

3. Check the publishing section and click +3rd party url for your blog.

4. You need to add domain with www as prefix. 

5. Once you have added the domain name with www. you will see an error saying 'We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. It will display a name label host for CNAME records.

6. Setting up CNAME record on your blog.

7. Login to your Godady account dashboard & click on manage domains.

8. Click on Manage Zones under DNS tab on header.

9. Then DNS Management page will open add your purchased domain name and click further.

10. The Records are shown. Click on Add record and select CNAME record & add both the record one by one from your blogspot setting given.

11. The last step where you just need to add 4 I.P. Address into your A record. The process is going to the be the same as above, all you need to do is add A record instead of CNAME. These given 4 ip added one by one.

12. Back to the 3rd step and tru again to add your custom domain. If you see an error again the wait for few hours and try again.

If you find any problem during the steps please comment here.

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