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Top ide for php developers

There are many IDE available for PHP But There are too many factors one look in a PHP editor and that’s why it become a tough decision for many of the developers. Development is a process where without tools the process can become more cumbersome and time-consuming.With the help of the IDE editor, we can easily configure the environment according to our need gain productivity from the IDE. Some other factors are also depend on choosing a best ide.


Featured looking for a perfect IDE's.

FTP Support: Means you can directory upload your files on server.

Workflow : The Workflow tools can enhance the overall idea of increasing productivity.With the workflow you can check your work in verison controlling tools like git,svn etc.

Language Support : Your IDE's should be supported to different language like PHP, Python, Javascript so you can easily work with native language also without changing IDE's.

Highlighting Code: Programmers love to see the higlight code which is easy to find bugs.

UI Factor: ui is good its matter for some people not everyone.

Plugins Support: Your IDE's should be supported to multiple pugins.

5 Top PHP IDE for Developers: 

1. PhpStorm : As one of the most commendable IDEs for HTML, PHP and Javascript. PhpStorm is the famous PHP IDE used by the programmers. It is fast and downright. The IDE supports lots of features like Code Completion, PHP refactoring, Code Rearranger, Intelligent Code Editor and more. The downside PhpStorm is that it is not available in free ya it's not a opensource so you can use it for 30days trial after that you need to purchase a licence for this. It supports PHP frameworks and its very easy to shift one framework to another with the ease and its having composer feature to add dependencies.Popular operating systems supported by PHPStorm include Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Features of PhpStorm:
Language Feature for support multiple language.
Code Compilation.
Code Formatting.
Framework Support.

2. NetBeans: NetBeans IDE is a modular developer tool for a wide range of application development technologies. The IDE includes an multi-language editor, Debugger and Profiler, as well as tools for versioning control and developer collaboration.It is feature rich, free and supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. It has been downloaded more than 18 million times and it is the biggest community of developers.Its support all PHP frameworks like Zend, Doctrine, Smarty and Symfony2, support for Laravel via laravel-ide-helper and support for other frameworks like Yii, CakePHP, FuelPHP and Wordpress CMS.

Features of NetBeans:
Follow Web Standards
Supports all PHP frameworks such as Zend, Symfony.
Supports Version Control.
PHP Unit for testing.
Supports Debugger.

3. Sublime Text 3: Sublime Text 3 is one of our favorites and a competing candidate for the most powerful text editors of all times. It is lightweight, feature rich and is supported on Windows. It is an amazing tool and it is a clean, functional, and fast code editor. Not only does it have incredible built in features ,also  it has support for plugins, snippets.

Features of Sublime Text:
Command Palette for easy navigation
Split Editing for seprate into two sections.
Distraction free mode for maximum concentration
Supports multiple selections.
Instant Project Switch.

4. Zend Studio 12 : It is one of the leading PHP development IDE that supports development and testing environment. It offers tons of features and creates the right environment for creating API and other kinds of PHP project.Debugging is very easy and powerful in Zend Studio 12. It is also a paid available for trail for some days.

Features of ZendStudio 12
create Android, iOS projects
Angular.js Supports
Can be used to create mobile application over PHP application.
REST services Supports.

5. Eclipse PDT: PDT means PHP Development Tools . It is another open source option that is also opensource technology. Eclipse has a huge community of developers working of plugins, required to empower eclipse with new features that other top class IDE like Storms PHP, NetBeans and Zend studio has to offers.

Features of Eclipse PDT:
Syntax highlighting.
Code formatter.
Code templates.
Code navigation.

Syntax validation.

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