Angular 5 Template Expressions and Interpolation

Interpolation use the {{ expression }} to render the value to the template.Interpolation uses template expressions in double curly braces to display data from the component class and template reference variables.

Interpolation with Curly Braces :

{{ }} contain template expressions which allow us to read object values from component properties.Double curly braces are similar to javascript and include feature such as ternery operator,concatenation and airthmetic.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'app-employee',
  template: `
      Name: {{ === 'm' ? 'Mr' : 'Ms'}}
      {{ + ' ' +}}
export class EmployeeComponent {

  heading = 'Employee Details';

  employee: any = {
    name: {
      first: 'John',
      surname: 'Doe'
    sex: 'm'

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