Connect your mysql database with node.js

Node.js is popular framework today and real time things is possible with the node.js like real-time chat notification etc.So today i am going to show you how to connect node.js with mysql database.Node.js have a driver for MySQL that way we can easily connect with database and you can use select, insert, update and delete sql query.

Mysql Node.js

So lets start :

Step 1: Installed node.js if it is not installed in your system. 

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs

You can read this post for installing the node.js from scratch

Step 2: Install npm for package management support.

sudo apt-get install npm

Now install the mysql package for node.js

sudo npm install mysql

I'm supposing you have installed php , mysql in your system and we are using node(database) if you don't have a database with name node then create it and inside it a users table .

Ok, so create new file server.js and put bellow code inside that file:

Step 3 : Ceate a new file.

var mysql      = require('mysql'); 

var connection = mysql.createConnection({ 
  host     : 'localhost', 
  user     : 'root', 
  password : 'root', 
  database : 'node' 


connection.query('SELECT * FROM users', function(err, result, fields)  
  if (err) throw err; 



Now you have to run this file by following command:

nodejs server

This is very basic for mysql using node. you can explore node with the mysql here:

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