Git 2.10 released new features!

Git 2.10 has arrived with many new features!

git 2.10

  • Progress reports for pushes
  • New color attributes.
  • Improvements to GPG signature verification.
Progress reports for pushes: Git 2.10 adds progress reports for these post-receive operations, to keep you entertained and to make sure the network knows we're still going.

git 2.10

Signature verification improvements: GPG signed tags and commits have been a part of Git for a long time, but the workflows and tooling around them are still not that convenient to use. Along with some behind the scenes robustness improvements, it adds a new configuration option, log.showSignature, to verify signatures for every invocation of git log.

More color attributes: Git 2.10 comes with a few new options: its color code now understands italic and strikethrough attributes.

git 2.10 color attribute

For more information, check this out : click here

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